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zefphaman @ 01:23 am: for modest mouse fans
heres what i want you people to do.

1.put the modest mouse albums in order from top to bottom, best to worse. i would like to hear what you people have to say. i would like you to tell me why also. don't answer by commenting but make a seperate post. if you haven't heard alot of the albums just list the ones you know.

2. list your top 5 favorite modest mouse songs. then if you want, tell why they are your favorites.

you don't have to do both but if you can it would be marvy, and for those of you who don't listen to modest mouse....what the hell are you thinking?

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Date:April 8th, 2004 11:54 pm (UTC)

hard to say...

1. this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about- always go back to the first time.... "Lounge" says it all
2. lonesome crowded west- good road music
3. building nothing out of something- *tear
4. everywhere and his nasty parlour tricks- i just wanna chill with this cd on the beach
5. moon and antartice- mind felt more than heart felt, thats what i like
6. sad sappy sucker- amature just kicks
7. fruit that ate itself- haven't listened to it enough yet

1. Lives- encompasses everything u shold learn from life
2. Lounge- i wanna shake my ass listening to this
3. Polar Opposite- you need both to make u sane
4. Air- not as pneumatic as presumed
5. Positive/Negative- i'm gonna feel like this...
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