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November 22nd, 2004

zefphaman @ 12:57 am: title or description
(click the picture above)
if for any reason you do not want this promotion in your journal you can ask the promoter to delete it

July 9th, 2004

zefphaman @ 12:09 am: damn you kurt cobain

i am just helping out a new community. check it out.

May 14th, 2004

faked_it @ 05:44 pm: hey
well i just joined. you all seem pretty awesome.
and id like to buy one of those anti epic shirts.

April 15th, 2004

zefphaman @ 11:20 pm: i need something new to listen to.
i am bored with what i have.
i dont' want techno
and i don't want anything that sounds like the strokes.

any ideas.....

April 14th, 2004

outocontext @ 01:13 am: wow
Wow. I just saw a Modest Mouse : Good News for People Who Like Bad News commercial on adult swim. It was a target commercial. They were advertising it, showed float on clips, played it in the background, In Stores Now. Wow.
It did have a cool movie to show the cover being animated and all that jazz. Man, puts it all in crazy basakwards perspective.

Current Mood: weirdweirded out
Current Music: Futurama theme

April 13th, 2004

letsgotothezoo @ 03:09 pm: POUND IT!

April 11th, 2004

zefphaman @ 12:52 am: i heard modest mouse in american eagle today.
i am going to make shirts expressing my disgust for epic records.

anyone got any ideas what they should say?

anyone want to help me pay for them?

Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: modest mouse *tear*

April 9th, 2004

zefphaman @ 11:13 pm: alright i will do this myself......

best modest mouse albums:
1.the lonesome crowded west
~my first and i think by far the modest creative
2.this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about
~just has something about it that makes me move
3.good news for people who love bad news
~i am big on hooks and this has them, but they aren't the kind that gets old
4.everywhere and his nasty parlor tricks
~very mellow. you're the good things. thats it.
5.sad sappy sucker
~very raw and everything i like about modest mouse. i wish the songs were finished.
6.the moon and antartica
~there is a few things i like about this album but i couldn't get it in the end.
7.the fruit that ate itself
~fun but there wasn't enought effort put in i don't think. its just an ep.
8.building nothing out of something
~its just....there. after all its the stuff that didn't make other albums.

top 5 songs:
1.you're the good things
~i don't know why i like it so much. it just makes me feel good.
2.cowboy dan
~when you think you're walking you're just movin the ground......
3.came as a rat
~it raps up everywhere and his..... and it saves the moon and antartica.
4.doin' the cockroach
~good memories. like all the way to austin.......that one song over and over.
5.bury me with it
~i don't know its special. it stands out like cowboy dan did.

well i was tempted to extend my list to 15 or 16 but decided to cut it down. it was hard though.

Current Mood: its the fresh clean feeling...
zefphaman @ 01:23 am: for modest mouse fans
heres what i want you people to do.

1.put the modest mouse albums in order from top to bottom, best to worse. i would like to hear what you people have to say. i would like you to tell me why also. don't answer by commenting but make a seperate post. if you haven't heard alot of the albums just list the ones you know.

2. list your top 5 favorite modest mouse songs. then if you want, tell why they are your favorites.

you don't have to do both but if you can it would be marvy, and for those of you who don't listen to modest mouse....what the hell are you thinking?

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: modest mouse-bury me with it

March 23rd, 2004

aro_pax @ 08:32 am: wilco
so lately i'm totally into wilco, especially the album "yankee hotel foxtrot"... i'm wondering if anyone else enjoys them... i never really gave any lyrics for that last post, but i think this song below is resonating something bad these last few weeks, as well as "Jesus etc"... i hear jeff tweedy has a book of poetry out, anyone know if it's any good?... i can barely afford CD's so a book of poetry is an enormous luxury...

looked up the conet project, 'caus YHF has lots of samples from it... i was really disappointed that a site with the "free music philosophy" link didn't have any sample clips to download, although i know they used to... that sample at the end of "poor places" is awesome, this really snotty, secret-agent brit repeating the same phrase over and over... gives me chills...

(thanks to www.bemydemon.org)

Poor Places

It's my father's voice trailing off
Sailors sailing off in the morning
For the air-conditioned rooms
At the top of the stairs

His jaw's been broken
His bandage is wrapped too tight
His fangs have been pulled
And I really want to see you tonight

There's bourbon on the breath
Of the singer you love so much
He takes all his words from the books
That you don't read anyway

His jaw's been broken
His bandage is wrapped too tight
His fangs have been pulled
And I really want to see you tonight

Someone ties a bow
In my backyard to show me love
My voice is climbing walls
Smoking and I want love

My jaw's been broken
My heart is wrapped in ice
My fangs have been pulled
And I really want to see you tonight

And it makes no difference to me
How they cried all over overseas
When it's hot in the poor places tonight
I'm not going outside

They cried all over overseas
It makes no difference to me
When it's hot in the poor places tonight
I'm not going outside

It's hot in the poor places tonight
I'm not going outside
I'm not going outside
I'm not going outside


Current Mood: discussive
Current Music: John Lee Hooker - Shake it baby
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